How to See Your Aura

What does an Aura look like?

Every living being on this planet is blessed with the presence of an electromagnetic covering that acts as a shell, and filters every interaction that they have with their outer world. This electromagnetic shell is even present in case of various inanimate objects such as rocks, and thus it is quite clear that it is ubiquitous in its presence in whichever direction you care to look. However, this shell of energy is invisible to the five senses of humans, and only through all kinds of sustained effort and disciplined training, can there be any hope of visualizing it. Thus, people wondering about how to see your aura ought to remember that it forms a part of the subtle body of any individual, and consequently is quite difficult to perceive with the earthly senses.
The auric field resides inside the physical body of every individual, as well as, extending to the distance of around two to three feet from the boundaries of the physical body. Moreover, it extends beyond the head of a person up to some height, and goes underground beneath the feet of that individual as well. Thus, there is no way for any person to interact with the larger cosmos other than through their auric field. Therefore, it is only but natural for many of them to feel curious about the nature of this energy shell that is ubiquitous to their existence. In fact, the aura serves as the true reflection of the mind and personality of any persons, and this is what the person would be like when shorn of all pretences, acquired tastes, and beliefs. Thus, learning about how to see an aura is bound to be of immense value to people who are aware of its presence.

What does an Aura look like?



How to See Your Aura Exercise:

The exercise for seeing an aura is something that a person can hope to master through repeated and regular practice. However, choosing the right setting containing the perfect set of conditions is of utmost importance to enable the practitioner to see their own or someone else’s aura in a better and clear manner, while also retaining a satisfactory level of confidence regarding what their eyes show them.

  • The first step in your effort towards understanding how to see your aura should involve understanding the nature of this energy field, and staying away from all instruments and appliances that may prove to be a hindrance or interruptions to your attempts to view it. Thus, any appliance or instrument having a particularly strong electromagnetic field should be out of bounds while performing this exercise.

  • Aura MeditationIn case you are trying to view the aura of some other person, sit the person in a room with an extremely serene setting. The choice of background is of primary importance while viewing the aura, with white serving as the best and the only practical choice. A color background is not the best of choices because it can affect the color of the aura you visualize, and you need to gain profound expertise to nullify any such effect created by a colored background.

  • The next step would be to set your focus upon a single point, which preferably should be somewhere at the middle of the forehead. Continue focusing on that particular point for a good 30 to 60 seconds, while resisting the temptation to waver your sight for even a moment.

  • This would provide the best chance for people wondering about how to see an aura. They will witness a faint but distinctive glowing orb present behind the head of the person, as well as, a distinctive outline surrounding the person that they are focusing upon, which is in reality is that person’s auric field (aura).

  • Just as it is possible to view someone else’s aura, a person can view his or her own aura as well. Thus, if you intend to know how to see your aura, then the best option is to stand in front of a good size mirror at a distance of about 1.5 m with preferably a white background. The next steps are same as those for viewing someone else’s aura, and with regular practice, you can expect to become an expert at visualizing the auric field for yourself and others.

The human auric field is distinctive in the sense that it contains all the colors present in the color spectrum or natural light or that of a rainbow. Moreover, each of these colors represents a different frequency, as well as, a different set of personality traits when present in the auric field of a person. Thus, presence of red in any individual’s aura represents an overwhelming presence of materialistic desires, while purple indicates an abundance of spiritual thoughts. Each of the primary colors represent a entire set of physical, emotional mental, and spiritual qualities, which is why it is quite common for the auras to change their colors depending upon the dominant personal feelings and desires of a person.