What Color is My Aura?

What is an Aura?

Everything in this universe consists of energy and vibrations, and this stands true for us people as well. Thus, it is highly natural for everyone to be in the possession of their very own electromagnetic envelope, which to a certain degree decides upon the nature of interactions they experience with their outside environment. This specific envelope comes in the form of aura, which is present on every living being on this planet. This personal field of electromagnetic energy encompassing every individual reflects the subtle life energies that are present within the body. Moreover, the auras a multiple in number and each individual can have a specific type of aura that is compatible with their nature. The auras have characteristic colors, much like the chakra system as per the Hindu and Buddhist traditions, with each color signifying certain character traits. Therefore, it is only but natural for individuals to wonder about ‘what color is my aura’.



What does the Aura of someone tell us?

The aura of an individual, which is nothing but the reflection of the body’s spirit energy, helps in providing telltale signs regarding the state of health, as well as, the mental activity, and emotional condition of that particular individual. Thus, it is possible to study the aura of a person and become aware of any impending illness even before the earliest of symptoms start to manifest in a physically discernible manner. Therefore, the study of the aura of an individual can be great use to that person, in helping them becoming more fine-tuned with the nature of their aura, as well as, becoming comfortable with the flow of energy between their body and the cosmos. Moreover, becoming aware about what color is your aura can be helpful in becoming more knowledgeable about the various prominent character traits, and use them to your best advantage.

Often times, people feel amazed at the level of discomfort others cause to them by simple the virtue of being too close to them while engaging in a conversation. They might themselves lack a logical explanation behind experiencing of this sort of discomfort. However, the real reason might be because of some other person stepping into their aural field, and in the process providing to be an impediment in the flow of energy around their body. Moreover, people might often experience an unexplainable surge of dislike for a person they have never met before, which may also be because of dissonance in the aural frequency of two people. Therefore, it might be an excellent idea for people to opt for the aura color test to help them become aware of the color of the aura they possess, and make effort to rectify their shortcomings while building upon their qualities.



Taking an Aura Color Test to determine For Yourself: ‘What Color is my Aura?’

What Color is My AuraPeople commonly associate auras with other people that they meet and interact with, and expressions such as ‘She/He has an a good aura about her/him’ are quite common during such interactions. This is true especially in case of people with particularly resplendent personality, who have a sort of glowing aural presence around them. However, in addition to the dazzling nature of the auras, they also have characteristic colors, which goes on to define their underlying dominant traits, and the effect such traits have on any person. Therefore, the aura color test assumes importance because merely becoming aware about the presence of such as special envelope around one’s own self is not going to be of much use in itself. A proper analysis of the nature and color of aura present in a person can go a long way in providing people with explanation regarding the sort of person they are, as well as, their dreams, desires, strengths, and shortcomings.

Life all around us is full of colors, and each of these colors has their own set of characteristics, as well as, deep underlying meaning. Light comprises of seven colors, and each of these colors has its own specific frequency. Thus, each color has its own frequency, and a person having an aura of a particular color receives messages in the same frequency from their higher self, God, or whatever else higher power they believe. Therefore, it becomes important that people become curious themselves about what color is my aura, and use this information to better able to decipher the messages they receive from the higher level of consciousness. The aura test seeks to provide useful insight into the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of any individual based on the color of their aura.

The aura color test provides an extremely logical and methodical insight into the aural property of any person based on their individual likes and dislikes. This color test often consists of an extensive list of questions, which aim to ascertain the aural properties of any person based on the way they themselves view their own behavior, character traits, as well as, dreams and despairs. Moreover, the questions also contain the belief they hold about their acceptability in their own social group, as well as, their personal list of likes and dislikes based on their preferences. Finally, the questions concern about the strengths that these individuals feel they possess, as well as, any shortcoming that they believe might prove to be a major hindrance in their path. Then an objective analysis of these answers proves to be an excellent tool for detecting the particular color that aura of any person relates to, and the associated list of character traits.

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Personality Traits of Aura Colors:

The personality traits of individual depend upon their aura colors, and this makes finding out regarding what color is your aura all the more useful and exciting.

Red Aura:

People with red aura tend to have strong body and mind, which seems to suit well their extreme flair for adventure. These people are always prepared to try something new in life, and their personality generally tends to brim with confidence and enthusiasm. However, they can lose temper real quick, and tend to be direct in their approach.


Yellow Aura:

People with yellow aura tend to possess a highly logical and analytical mind, which makes them suitable for achieving grand success in their careers. Thus, people finding out that they possess this aura color in response to the question regarding what color is my aura should have trust in their excellent communication skills, as well as, ability to observe and read people precisely.


Pink Aura:

Pink aura personalities tend to be loving and caring, while also being fond of looking for family, friends, and loved ones at every opportunity. These people possess an acute sense of justice, and are not ready to accept injustice or selfishness from others. They are also natural healers, and highly disciplined and dedicated to their work.


Green Aura:

Green aura endows people with a highly creative and hardworking bent in their personality, while also making them highly sociable and caring towards their friends. These individuals have a very humble nature, which will endear them to others.


Orange Aura:

People who have this aura color as per the aura color test tend to possess generous, gregarious, and social nature, which makes them excellent team player. However, they may suffer from occasional bouts of impatience and short temperedness, even though they generally lead highly successful lives. Read more about: Orange Aura


Purple Aura:

People with this aura color have developed psychic abilities, while also being in possession of a curious, philosophical, and inquisitive mind. They may not have many friends, but attain respect from their social group because of their vast knowledge, even though they might be a bit secretive and aloof in nature.


Blue Aura:

As per aura color test, people with blue aura color have excellent communication skills, and ability to express themselves in a mesmerizing manner. They are excellent in decision making positions, and brokering peace, while they may also become workaholic and a loner on the downside. Read more about: Blue Aura


Gold Aura:

Gold aura people are great entertainers, while they also possess an intrinsic love for beauty, and a flair for the artistic. They tend to be highly attractive and admirable, with their charisma making them ever so popular. However, they lack the ability to withstand any criticism, while possessing a fiercely independent streak.


White or Silver Aura:

These people possess exceptional gifts, while their versatile and practical nature tends to make them highly successful in life. They also attract many admirers, and seemed to be incredibly lucky.


Brown Aura:

As per aura color test, this color indicates the presence of confusion and discouragement, while a darker shade signifies a tendency towards selfishness, deception, and faultfinding.


Black Aura:

This color signifies negativity, depression, bad health, hatred, and all every bad that can happen in a person’s life.