Orange Aura Meaning

The natural instinct of people with orange color auric field is to challenge the boundaries of their physical prowess, and in the way realize their place in the world. This is because the oranges do not suffer from any sort of lack of courage or any other weakness that could make them powerless when it comes to physical survival. However, the way that the human society has evolved over the years means that the very nature of the challenges that threaten human survival have changed drastically as well. Therefore, it becomes imperative for these people to become more aware about the orange aura meaning, and its likely implications on the various aspects of their lives.

The very nature of the people with orange color auric fields make them less receptive about the need to desist from channeling all their energies into challenging the physical boundaries, and instead use some of those for enabling inner spiritual awakening. This is essential for the oranges to make them capable of handling the challenges of the modern society, which is not just about mere survival but instead, the standard of life that a person leads. It is about the oranges learning through their experiences and coming of age to become a successful part of their communities.



Orange Aura Meaning About Physical Reality:

People with orange color auric fields simply relish the idea of a physical challenge because no other time do they feel as much alive as during those moments when they are locked in a life and death struggle. This is because as per the orange aura meaning, people with this personality spectrum colors are always on the lookout for challenging their physical environment, and are often directing all their energies and efforts to serve their body to the fullest.

The orange personality spectrum is the most daring of all the colors, and the individuals who possess it do not feel daunted by the thoughts of physical pain and injury while setting out of physically challenging and often endangering missions. They are simply addicted to the thrill they experience while climbing a mountain or jumping from a flying airplane. The adrenaline rush that such daring activities bring about is more alluring to the oranges that any thoughts of the pain and injury, and even death that such acts can result in. In fact, the oranges tend to be this combative with their physical environment from an early age, and their parents often find it difficult to keep them from climbing to the top of the furniture.



Aura Orange Meaning About Social Style:

People with the orange color aura field tend to find no greater pleasure while performing any activity other than hanging from the side of a mountain or canoeing down a thunderous rapid. This is because the primal instinct of people with this orange personality color spectrum is to challenge their physical environment, and seek pleasure from the resultant adrenaline rush. Thus, any activity that brings about a rush of adrenaline is more than welcome to the oranges. In fact, as per the orange aura color meaning, these individuals can enjoy an extremely robust social and sex life. This is because these individuals are fond of maintaining, strong and fit physical appearance, which makes them quite attractive to the other sex.

Even though the oranges quite an active sex life, it would be wrong to overemphasize its importance in their lives. This is because the sexual act is nothing more than a body function to people with this personality color spectrum, a form of release. Moreover, even the most attractive of mate and robust of sexual life can be no substitute for the thrill of climbing mountains, going on jungle safaris, and other such daredevil acts. According to the orange aura meaning, adventure is always going to be their greatest love.



Aura Orange Meaning About Financial Choices:

Money holds little or no value for people with orange color auric field, and it serves more as a means to an end rather than being the end in itself. This is because the oranges often tend to lead very Spartan lifestyle, or indulge in actions that provide them with the highest degree of physical thrills. However, such actions generally do not translate into sound financial decisions, and the oranges typically make shortsighted decisions because they are simply not bothered about their future. Thus, orange aura meanings indicates that it is upon the mates of the oranges to help them make financial decisions that will prove to be helpful in the future.

People with the orange personality spectrum do not make successful entrepreneurs or employers. They are more comfortable in jobs that provide them with their regular quota of thrills, while also helping them in paying their bills. Thus, they are ideal for becoming ambassadors of reputed companies, with their daredevil acts helping in creating excellent advertisement for the name of their brand or company financing them. Moreover, oranges have few personal needs, but they do not make any compromises with the quality of the equipments that they take along for their adventures, such as mountaineering or bungee jumping.



Orange Aura Meaning About Career Options:

As far as career choices are concerned, people with orange color auric field tends to opt for the professions that allow them to reside on their much-favored jagged edge of life. This is because any regular desk job is nothing sort of anathema to the oranges for whom the worst nightmare is to stay confined to a profession that does not allow them to experience their regular dose of adrenaline rush. Thus, a career option that allows the oranges to mix their natural flair for physical danger and extreme courage in the face of such challenges is the ideal choice for them. A career involving professional mountaineering or exploration can be the dream profession for these individuals, as per the orange aura meaning.

People with orange personality spectrum can also become successful in other professions that pay them for being their natural self, which is to take risks and fly in the face of physical danger. Thus, finding oranges employed as professional stuntmen and stuntwomen is quite common, and they usually become successful in this career choice. Moreover, the oranges can also find successful employment as bomb squad members, frogmen, and steeplejacks. Thus, the oranges are the most comfortable in professions that is most likely to scare the living daylight pout of other colors.



Orange Aura Meaning About Spirituality:

The most potent moving factor is case of people with orange color auric field being their quest to challenge the boundaries of their physical environment, as well as, their own physical prowess, spirituality to them is more about seeking answers about their inner void. The oranges are highly unlikely to be comfortable with the idea of confining themselves within the strict boundaries of the established religions, and are more comfortable in having a more personal relationship with the God. This personality trait conforms to the orange aura meaning, and the oranges often find it exceedingly difficult to come to terms with the moral challenges posed by their inner self.

More often than not, people with this personality color spectrum tend to indulge in spectacular feats that help in masking their latent fear about confronting their inner self. The oranges find it prudent to avoid people who ask uncomfortable questions, such as their ability to differentiate physical courage from moral fortitude. Thus, the only frontier left unexplored in the lives of the oranges is their inner self and they often discover bliss and satisfaction in conquering this frontier. As per orange aura color meaning, those individuals with this color who have the courage and fortitude to acknowledge their own limitations are the strongest of all.
If you are unsure about what color is my aura, then there are various visual practices that one can try, but the first step would be to practice some aura cleansing techniques.