Blue Aura Meaning

Presence of blue color aura is the most telltale sign of the loving and caring disposition present in any person, and these individuals tend to be the most concerned about the wellbeing of their communities, as well as, individual members that form such communities through their nurturing and caretaking nature. As per the blue aura meaning, these people find greatest joy in giving, while they often forget to take care of their own needs by setting harsh limit upon their own scopes for material enjoyment and emotional fulfillment. However, they must find time and resources to renew themselves, if they intend to keep up with the good work.



Blue Aura Meaning about Physical Reality:

People with a blue color aura tend to have a strong preference for the world of feelings and emotions, rather than the harsh physical setup in which they actually exist. Thus, they have no great interest in even the most intriguing of physical reality, as well as, rigorous physical exercises. In fact, they find the idea of indulging in sweaty and strenuous physical activities to be quite prickly and unpleasant. However, that does not mean that they do possess any inclination for the sports in general. These people are actually quite fond of sports or activities that include teamwork and component of camaraderie like Volleyball, as well as, grace and beauty such as dancing, swimming, volleyball, softball, bowling, and other such activities.

Blue aura meaning further reveals that these individuals can also enjoy physical exercises that not require constant physical conditioning such as aerobics. One reason for this is that blues consider this sort of activities as being too narcissistic and attention seeking in nature. Moreover, blues often find it hard to keep up to the contemporary sensibilities in terms of their figure because they quite easily put on weight, especially women after giving birth and post-menopause. However, their strength lies in understanding the true value of their nurturing and pleasing personalities.



Aura Blue Meaning about Social Style:

Blue color aura field endows people with a unique gift of being able to care for others selflessly, and not finding it to be a great burden but quite fulfilling an experience. These individuals feel at peace with themselves when they receive appreciation and notes of thank for being the way they are from the people they care about, which in their case is pretty much everyone they know. Moreover, they are fond of spending time planning and organizing events to express their love and caring nature, as well as, spend a lot of time with their mates, friends, and especially children.

Blue aura meaning also tells about the significance that holidays hold in the life of these people, and to what length they can go to make these few days extra-special for themselves, and as well as, everyone around them. These individuals are also gifting gifts to their love ones, and receiving them in return, especially the ones that they would not think of gifting themselves. However, the blues need not understand the importance of having some me-time as well, and indulge themselves by realizing that they have a right to be happy just like every other person.



Aura Blue Meaning about Financial Choices:

The natural tendency of people with blue color auric fields is to shy away from discussing monetary matters with anybody because they find the idea of discussing such inane subjects such as money to be too obtuse for their taste. This is because the blues are driven more by their heart, while moneymaking and accounting procedures are essentially those governed by the brain. Thus, money is secondary to the blues while conducting any business transactions, while personal interactions take the hot seat. In fact, the thing that blues find most challenging is to ask someone for money, and it is to their best interest that they discuss monetary matters upfront before they delve any deeper into professional commitments.

Blue aura meaning also indicates that these individuals are quite frugal when it comes to handling someone else’s money, which makes them an excellent choice as stewards for maintaining someone else’s wealth. They are quite calculative while handling the finances of their mates, or any other person of trust, and they would rather play it safe than bet big upon even bigger returns. This means that the blues would much rather invest in something a bit more traditional such as real estate instead of gambling the money by investing it on the stock market.



Blue Aura Meaning about Career Options:

The empathizing nature makes people with blue color auras often the most sought-after counselor in the neighborhood, but quite to their frustration, they often find themselves listening to the unending drawling of chronic complainers who have no interest in rectifying the situation. Moreover, the blues often lack enough ambition to make it big in any career, and are not aptly interested in making the most of their empathizing and creative persona. Thus, they more often than not discover themselves in jobs rather than in careers. These include assistants, secretaries, nurses, teachers, and other such traditionally female-oriented jobs, even though the increasing opportunities opening up for women is giving them the confidence to opt for giving creative twists to traditional occupations like becoming consultants or nurse practitioners.

The blue aura meaning reveals the increasing realization in these individuals regarding the true potential of their empathizing and creative talent, which is propelling them to newer heights. Thus, they are making their presence felt in occupations such as accountants, customer service representatives, personnel directors, seminar leaders, ministers, and any other such profession that involves interaction with lots of people, as well as, holding responsibilities over others’ finances. They can also make a successful entrepreneur, provided they have a supportive partner.



Blue Aura Meaning about Spirituality:

Spirituality is inherent to the basic nature of any person with blue color auric field, and it is best expressed through the loving devotion that they profess towards the existence of an omniscient Supreme Being. These individuals do not believe in god based upon any particular dogma, theology, or logic of reason, but rather as the loving and caring power, that guides them through their life. Thus, they are usually incapable of expressing their thoughts and beliefs to others, and often find themselves in isolation with their unique sets of belief.

According to the blue aura color meaning, these individuals spend their life on the constant lookout for the true essence of spirituality, which they believe to be lacking in the established religions. Thus, they often travel from one religion to another in the search of true spirituality. However, they are quite fond of the religious rituals, and often experience profound spiritual insights while taking part in communal prayers. Moreover, prayer and service to God is usually a set of action for the blues, which often involves serving others. Thus, the blues believe that the best way to serve God and experience true spiritual bliss is by being of use to every other living being on the planet.
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