Meaning of Aura

Everything in this universe is made of energy, and an electromagnetic field is present around every living being on the planet as a reminder to that underlying truth. This electromagnetic envelope in case of human bodies is known by the name of aura, and it plays an important role in ensuring both the physical, as well as, mental wellbeing of every individual. Therefore, it becomes essential that people become more aware regarding the meaning of aura because it will help them in seeking remedial measures in case any problem with their personal shell of electromagnetic energy that can make them suffer in their physical and mental space.

The energy field that encompasses every living being on the planet is always in a state of dynamic equilibrium with magnetic energies of varying densities entering and leaving it round the clock. This dynamism in the functioning of the aura becomes even more intense when people are in close proximity of others, with their energies, both positive and negative, that are creating an impact upon the electromagnetic shell of the individual concerned. Therefore, it becomes even more essential for people leading such dynamic lives to understand what colour is my aura and it’s meanings, and takes step to ensure that it remains free from all such hindrances and obstacles.


How Far Does the Aura Expand from Our Body?

The auric filed extends to a distance to about two to three feet from the boundaries of the physical body in case of all individuals. Moreover, it extends above the head, and even into the ground under the feet of every person. Thus, every person essentially makes contact with their surroundings through this oval shaped shell that often acts as a filter for the energies that come their way during all such interactions.
How Far does Aura Expand


Does Everything Have an Aura?

Yes, the auric field in case of humans is a bit different compared to those present on all other forms of living beings on the planet, and even the inanimate objects such as rocks. This is because the human aura field is much more layered and complex compared to the aura fields of all other types of living and inanimate entities. The layers that are present in case of human auric fields are the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual elements. Thus, understanding them is essential to getting a better knowledge about aura meaning.



The Auric Field:

The auric field in case of humans consists of seven distinct layers or auric bodies, with each of them having an individual frequency of their own, as well as, their unique effects on various aspects of a person’s life. These auric bodies have profound impact upon the emotional and spiritual state of a person, as well as, their thought process, and general behavior. Moreover, each of these layers or auric bodies interacts with the layers in an extremely intimate fashion, which makes it essential for all of them to be functioning in their optimal states. In fact, any imbalances in the auric bodies can lead to a drastic change to the aura for an individual, which can manifest in the form a number of undesirable effects upon that person’s physical and mental states. Thus, it becomes essential to have a better understanding of each of these auric layers in order to ascertain whenever there is any imbalances between them.

Auric Field

Each of the auric bodies caters to specific functions, and interactions between these layers to help in forming the personality and behavior traits of a person, as well as, an amazing insight into what any individual’s aura meaning is.

  • The physical aura body caters to various physical sensations including feelings of pleasure and comfort.

  • The etheric aura body deals in emotions related to self-love, self-acceptance, and self-respect.

  • The vital aura body offers a rational mind for understanding any situation more clearly, and in a linear and rational manner.

  • The astral aura body helps in forging loving and sociable relations with family and friends.

  • The lower mental aura body facilitates aligning with the presence of divinity within.

  • The higher mental aura body offers heavenly love and divine ecstasy.

  • The spiritual aura body offers serenity and divinity of mind.

Another interesting thing about the nature of the human auric fields is that they contain all the Chakra Colors that are present in the light spectrum or in the rainbow. This is because each of these primary colors represents a certain personality traits, as well as, the thoughts and emotions of the individuals concerned. Moreover, the dominant color of the auric fields change quite frequently as per the overwhelming thought and emotion that a person is experiencing at that precise moment, and this makes it quite important to get a better understanding of the meaning of Aura Colors. In fact, it constitutes a whole body of study, and a number of aura color tests are on offer for helping individuals determine the exact color and meaning of aura, and learn more about their inherent strengths and weaknesses.



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Aura Cleansing

Every individual has his or her personal electromagnetic envelope, which acts as a shell through which we all make interactions with others. This electromagnetic shell acts as a magnet, and picks all the other vibrations that are present in its vicinity, irrespective of positive and negative vibes they generate. This is the most common way of the aura, or this electromagnetic shell, of any person accumulating impurities that often act as a hindrance to the natural flow of energy between any individual and the larger cosmos. Thus, aura cleansing techniques become important for people feeling down because of the accumulation of negative energy in their aura, and it comes in a large variety of diverse processes to please people with varying tastes.


Even though the number of processes that are available for aura cleansing, all of them follow certain ground rules when it comes to getting rid of negativity from the electromagnetic field of any person. Thus, individuals intending to cleanse their aura will find meditative practices to be extremely beneficial in helping them visualize their aura, which is the first step towards getting rid of all the impurities. Individuals can then get rid of all the negativity that they have picked up from interactions with various people throughout the day. Finally, they have to overcome their own negative thoughts, and cleanse their soul of all the negativity to gain a feeling of purity and freshness, which is going to rejuvenate their aura.

Cleansing aura - meditation



Popular Aura Cleansing Techniques:

Even though the aforementioned technique is highly effective, it only loosely summarizes the underlying principle behind all such approaches. However, certain highly specific and effective techniques are on offer, which can help in cleansing the aura of individuals, in addition to providing a number of physical and psychological benefits. The cleansing processes are quite similar to the way people clean their hands and feet after exposure to dust and various other sources of impurities. Therefore, the underlying principle remains the same regarding the need of removing toxic substances through a good scrub-down or a detoxifying spa treatment.

  • An aura is present all around the body of a person, and it extends a few feet outwards. Thus, it is possible to comb the aura much like it is present to comb one’s hair to get rid of dirt, as well as, untangling the messy knots that seem to creep up often. However, it’s essential that the practitioners keep their hands completely clean in order to make sure that no impurities are present in them while they use those as the comb for their aura. This aura cleansing exercise provides an excellent option for cleaning the aura from the top of the head to the tip of the toes. However, the practitioners must make sure to clean their hands under clean running water afterwards to get rid of all the negative energies and dissonant frequencies that they might have picked up during the cleansing process.

  • ShowerTaking a shower can be another excellent choice for getting rid of all the accumulated negative energies and dissonant frequencies that often stack up as several layers over the natural electromagnetic shell of any person. People can undergo this process by standing under either an indoor shower or an outdoor waterfall. Regardless of the source of the water, practitioners of this process must make sure that the water flows down every part of their body including one’s Sacral Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra regions, and allow the water to make most of its cleansing properties. If people feel the water draining down all the impurities, and breathe freely at the same moment while imagining that all the stress, worries, and troubles are getting washed away along with the water is an excellent method for aura cleansing.

  • Running freely in an open space can be another excellent method shaking off any and all impurities present in the Aural field of any person. Moving about in a spirited way through the grass, or lying in the meadow can be an excellent way to connect with the earth’s own magnetic field, and in the process realign one’s own magnetic felid with the same. In fact, getting the aural field in sync with earth’s magnetic field is an excellent way to optimize it by freeing it of all hindrances and impurities.

  • Walking in the rainfall without an umbrella may sound to be a bit daring, but it is in fact an excellent choice for cleansing your aura by allowing the pristine water from the heaven to wash away all the impurities and negativities surrounding you. While you are at it, looking up towards the heaven and opening up your heart and sole to the presence of the divine energy can help in ensuring that negative thoughts present at even the deepest crevices of your soul flows away with the cascading water, and leave you with an unmatched feeling of spiritual bliss and purity.

  • Bath Salts for Aura CleanseIndividuals can also opt for a saltwater soak, while having a variety of scented and unscented bath salt products to choose from, to help them clean their aural fields by getting rid of all the negativities. This is among one of the most effective of aura cleansing techniques because it combines the cleansing nature of a hot tub of water with the therapeutic properties of the aromatic bath salts to provide a holistic cleansing of the mind and body, and in turn the aural shell. The choice of bath salt products are numerous with some of the most popular choices being Epsom salt bath, lavender sea salt bath, and eucalyptus sea salt bath, while unscented products being ideal for those with scent sensitiveness.

Individuals intending to cleanse their aural fields can also consider spending time being close to the natural elements such as basking in the sunshine or swimming in a river or stream because of the cleansing effects they possess. Thus, if you are considering ways for cleansing your aura, there is a whole host of ideas waiting for you.


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